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5 main types of Explanation for the letter
There are 5 main types, explaining the test:

Description of the test is an essay in which the writer in search of something to describe. It may be a person, place, experience, situation, and so on, Descriptive of the Trials are unique in the sense that you have a lot of freedom when it comes to content. You need something to present interesting and beautiful, all the time to keep the reader interested.
Test process: the classic "and" of the task. The objective of this article is to teach the reader about the process of learning: how to build a car, how to change a document, or even how to flirt with a girl!
The comparison test: quite simple, the sound, the comparison test, it seems, to critically analyse the two objects, to find and explain the similarities and/or differences.
The causes and the tests of the effect: "reflex" reaction to the task. The causes and consequences of tests wondering why and how everything happened, and what happens afterwards.
The problem of the essay / Resolution: the universal standard for the operational objectives. In this situation, we have problems and the search for solutions. The work consists of a brief Introduction to a problem and fill it with the content of the decision.
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